The smart The absolute The perfect digital signage system.

Content delivery in one system!

Control everything from one site!

With AbsoluteVision, you can control every connected display, screen, LED panel or amplifier from one central application in real time. Setup and every single adaptation are managed via the user-friendly software in an intuitive control panel that allows you to integrate all types of media (picture, voice, video, web content).

Modify your individual playlists, including flexible picture-in-picture (PiP) and split-screen setup as well as pre-timed content.

Discover the advantages of AbsoluteVision!

any type of content

Select the content of your choice and organize it as you wish. The flexible setup offers multiple display options (picture-in-picture, split screens) for any screen size and format, supporting Full HD resolution.

Enjoy full service and installation

After careful initial assessment, we provide you with a customized Digital Signage Solution tailored to your requirements. Be it a single site or a whole business chain, we will fully install the system and teach you how to use it!

We help you choose
what suits you best

We pay attention to the details. Therefore, you can rely on our advice and guidance in purchasing the right display hardware (from TVs to LED walls), especially for 24/7 operating requirements.

A whole stadium is controlled by AbsoluteVision!

During the matches, visitors can watch real-time game information on screens across all public areas, for example in the stands, the hospitality areas, the bathrooms and so on. In restricted areas like the VIP areas, the media sector or the player and officials dressing room dedicated content for each area is shown. All content is centrally controlled.

Your complete AbsoluteVision Digital Signage System implementation

Plug and play, the AbsoluteVision system displays your content instantly in perfect audio and image quality, for example:

  • Live streams and broadcasts
  • Promotional/marketing content
  • All kinds of information (e.g., Jackpot values, sports betting odds, …)

One solution for all media types

Any source, any media, any format: Configure and manage your own display setup the way that suits you and your business best.

100% compatibility with all devices

AbsoluteVision is compatible with any type of display featuring an HDMI port. Just connect the AV player to the display and you are good to go. For audio only (e.g., amplifier) an analogue audio port (TRS Jack) is available


Developed by NOVOMATIC, AbsoluteVision was designed with futureproofing in mind. AV2 can be upgraded anytime, to meet all customer specific requirements. Synch hundreds of display devices or control each individually – AbsoluteVision is your reliable digital signage management solution

Installation or web-based interface

Control all your devices via our web-based central server. The server can be installed on site or hosted on a web server.

Secure updates

Keep your devices up to date with secure over the Air (OTA) updates!

Get to know our product

Discover all about AbsoluteVision and learn how flexible digital signage management can serve your business.

Our references

NOVOMATIC Arena Sopron

LED Displays

Two high-resolution 6×3 LED displays were installed in the main hall. Furthermore, a 48 units of P10 (1×1 meter), 96×96 pixel resolution LED displays were added.

Sound Technology

Both halls are equipped with a sound system. In the main hall, the latest JBL audio equipment was installed.


The Arena was equipped with a controllable WIFI system in the summer of 2016, covering the whole venue.

Stage Technology

Through our reliable partners we are able to satisfy all customer requirements regarding stage, sound and various types of lighting technology.

AbsoluteVision system

In the summer of 2016, the AbsoluteVision system was installed at the Arena in Sopron, Hungary. This system has implemented a central state-of-the-art video content delivery and management system for all results displays, LED perimeters and TV sets throughout the building.

“We have dreamed of a versatile system that allows the display of independent content across a wide range of displays at different locations in the arena and is easy to use. AbsoluteVision has fulfilled all these demands,” said Zoltán Török, Managing Director of the operator Raabersport Kft, the company that operates the Arena.

A careful planning phase was followed by a quick and easy installation: two kilometers of cables, installation of the server, which is at the heart of the system, as well as the installation and commissioning of the individual media. Adding to the existing 18 sqm LED displays and 48 sqm LED perimeter displays around the playing field, additional displays were installed as part of the system expansion: three larger displays in the lobby of the hall and three smaller displays in the dressing rooms. Additionally, two LED TV sets for the VIP rooms were integrated into the system.

Following the replacement of several units, the AbsoluteVision system has greatly simplified operation of the existing displays and increased safety. In addition to the display of animations, videos and images, live broadcasts from cameras, TV content and web content, such as online statistics of the competitions in the hall, can also be displayed: All this in a single system that is controlled via one central interface.

“The system has exceeded our expectations. This has resulted in a level of entertainment for guests, fans and teams that can withstand any international comparison,” commented Zoltán Török.